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Vibrating knife cutting machine configuration

The vibrating knife cutting system is provided with a vibrating knife mechanism, a vibrating knife falling blade block and a vibrating knife falling knife air bar, wherein the vibrating knife mechanism comprises a vibrating motor, an eccentric wheel, a transmission connecting rod and a transmission shaft, a vibration knife and a transmission sleeve, wherein the transmission sleeve is fixed on the vibration knife falling block, and the transmission sleeve is further provided with a first transmission pulley driven by the rotary motor; the vibration knife falling knife The block is fixed to the vibrating knife falling knife air rod. The vibrating knife cutting system has simple structure, strong applicability, high control precision and easy maintenance.
The use of vibration cutting allows more companies to bid farewell to the traditional manual knife cutting process, without the need to create a die, thus saving the cost of production and management of the mold production management, vibration cutting allows you to enter a new era of digital toolless machining.
When you want to buy a vibrating cutter when you need a vibrating cutter, it is necessary to understand the configuration of the vibrating cutter. It is also the first time you need to know, because as long as you understand these, you can understand the vibration. The performance of the cutting machine is paved, as described below:
Can cut honeycomb paperboard, acrylic sheet, corrugated paper, plastic corrugated board, gray board paper, white cardboard, film, composite materials, leather, cloth, rubber sheet, pearl cotton, aluminum composite board and foam KT board, etc. More than 50mm flexible non-metallic materials, the head of the vibration cutting machine is equipped with a vibrating knife, pen, pressure roller, dragging knife, etc. The supporting products of the vibration cutting machine are vacuum pump and machine control software, which is what we introduced today. The configuration of the vibration cutting machine, I hope to help everyone, and have a better understanding of the vibration cutting machine.
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