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How to improve the cutting work efficiency of the garment intelligent cutting process

The garment intelligent CNC cutting machine is the automatic cutting equipment used in the textile and garment and flexible materials industries. The garment cutting process of the general garment processing enterprise is as follows: the cutting part is arranged according to the clothing production order. Firstly, the cutting plan calculation of the discharge should be carried out, followed by the typesetting staff to carry out manual discharge or intelligent discharge according to the condition of each bed according to the cutting plan, and then spread the cloth according to the cutting plan and the discharge condition of each bed. operation. After the spreading is completed, the cutting staff uses the craft or the computer to automatically cut the bed for cutting work.
Nowadays, the rise of clothing CAD super-discharging system has made garment enterprises pay more attention to the utilization of single-layer typesetting fabrics. Although it has also played a role in saving fabrics, garment processing enterprises have neglected the two most cutting plan and spreading operations. The important link; the scientific and reasonable direct layout of the layout of the cutting bed program.
The application of garment intelligent CNC cutting machine fundamentally solves the technical bottleneck of the hidden loss and cutting power of the fabric that can not be calculated during the cutting process of the enterprise; the calculation of the first type of cutting machine scheme, the garment intelligent CNC cutting machine is based on the length of the cutting machine , the technical requirements of the product and the number of orders and other comprehensive factors to rationalize the calculation of the cutting plan, in just a few minutes to solve the industry problems, the second step combined with the application of intelligent typesetting based on the cutting program for the spread operation, through software distribution classification The function effectively reduces the amount of scrap produced and improves the ultimate utilization of each fabric.
The garment intelligent CNC cutting machine interprets the reasonable cutting bed calculation is the basis for the garment factory to realize the material saving. The intelligent cutting function and the spreading classification function enable the factory to realize a reasonable plan from the fabric purchasing stage of the order, except for saving materials. It can also reduce the waste of fabric procurement costs and greatly reduce the fabric inventory of garment factories. A large number of fabric stocks will seriously affect the practice profits of garment processing enterprises.
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