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Vibrating knife cutting machine frequently asked questions

1. How thick is the thickness of the vibrating knife cutting device?
Answer: The standard limit cutting thickness of the vibrating knife cutting machine is 30mm (can be increased to 60MM).
2. What materials can be cut by vibrating knife cutting?
A: It can cut a variety of materials such as honeycomb panel, corrugated paper, plastic corrugated board, gray board paper, white cardboard, film, composite material, leather material, cloth, rubber sheet, pearl cotton and foam KT board below 60mm.
3. Will the operation of the vibrating knife cutting machine be difficult to learn?
A: Just enter the drawing into the computer and set the corresponding data on the machine. At the same time, if you purchase our mechanical equipment in Ruizhou, we will send professional technicians to install, guide and train you. Usually, as long as you know how to use CAD, you can learn in 2 hours and then you can complete the independent operation.
4. How long is the warranty period for vibrating knife cutting equipment?
A: The warranty period of the vibrating knife cutting machine is 12 months (excluding man-made damage, consumables: such as countertops, blades, etc.), lifetime maintenance, free upgrade of the system; during the warranty period, any quality problems are free to replace or repair. The maintenance fee is charged; outside the warranty period, the parts that need to be replaced or repaired can only be charged for the cost and labor of the material.
5. What is the difference between a vibrating knife cutting machine and a laser cutting machine?
Answer: The vibrating knife cutting machine is cut by a sharp knife or a round knife by vibration or high-speed rotation. The advantage is that the cutting is clean and neat, the piece size is accurate, odorless and environmentally friendly. The laser cutting machine has a very good cutting surface and is clean and neat. The maintenance of the laser machine is also relatively large. The laser will heat up for a long time and needs water cooling. After the head burns the fabric, it will leave a yellowish yellow mark on many fabrics. The downside is that the smell is very large.
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