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Sample opening software
1. Data-driven graphics:in the play version of the process, all the data can be modified , about 12 kinds of automatic maintenance in it.,the relevant graphics automatic linkage(more convenient to replace all kinds of design patterns and version)

2.The image processing system, completely replace the digitizer point input function, automatic vector shape (to achieve the map making function)

3.It can be read 20 software DXF files and PLT format file (easy to import of other software files)

4.Video mathematics system ,a reading machine in the software, you can point it out and follow with what you don’t know, "(easy to learn easy to operate).

5.Automatic super typesetting system ,you can handle the irregular interface layout, such as leather (super row save material ,save money)

6.Provide several Template files: prototype template file (with size data)(The longer the use of the time ,the more convenient the plate)

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