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Vibrating knife automatic feeding intelligent cutting machine ZY-1625S-II (double beams move each other)
Each multi-function cutting head comes with: a vibrating knife (or pneumatic knife) and a line pen. 2 pin holes, marking pins, which can cut leather of various thicknesses and ensure its quality, flexible and quick movement, and easy maintenance.
Product features:
1. This model adopts the European and American design standard concept. The key components such as motor, guide rail and timing belt adopt imported parts such as Switzerland, USA and Japan. The machine is stable, the failure rate is extremely low, and the service life is longer.
2. Equipped with a variety of cutting tools and pens, it can meet the cutting requirements of various materials, can achieve high-speed, intelligent, precise cutting, punching, drawing and other process requirements, fully meet the customer's personalized cutting production.
3. The tool holder is equipped with a test table system to keep the cutter head and the table surface at a certain distance, which can make the cutting effect better, the table surface is more durable, and the blade has a longer service life.
4. The whole machine is equipped with infrared induction stop system, which stops when the material is jammed, and the object stops when the object collides, and the operation is safer.
5. Install the air pump silencer to make the work environment better.
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